When to Take kids to the Dentist

Being a parent is tough work – making sure your kids’ teeth are healthy is even more difficult. Young children especially are notorious for not wanting to brush their teeth or do other things they need to in order to maintain their oral health. One of the best ways to help kids with their oral… Read more »

Why Your Kids need Sealants

If you take your kids to the dentist on a regular basis, it’s likely that your dentist has at some point recommended sealants for their teeth. You may be wondering why would recommend sealants, so that’s why our team here at in , put this list together of reasons that your kids need dental sealants…. Read more »

Getting Your Child Ready for Their First Dental Visit

You and our dentist should each take part in making sure your child’s first dental appointment is a positive experience. Be aware that any anxiety displayed by you, the parent, will be picked up by your child. Also, if a dentist is unfriendly, unnecessary fear can be caused in the child. Your Role There are… Read more »

Facts About Losing Baby Teeth

As you know, most parents don’t want to see their child in pain. In fact, many parents struggle to see their parents in any pain at all, regardless of how uncomfortable they are. Similarly, most parents wouldn’t intentionally do anything detrimental to their child’s health. With that in mind, what would you do if your… Read more »

Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities

When permanent molars and premolars emerge in early to mid adolescence, it’s quite common for their biting surfaces to have deep pits and fissures. This is an evolutionary adaptation that helped our ancient ancestors efficiently chew and grind hard and tough foods. At the same time, residual food particles and plaque can become trapped in… Read more »

How to Brush Your Child’s Chompers

Do you have a hard time properly brushing your child’s teeth each day? If so, our team has some instructions that will help you properly and effectively clean your child’s smile on a regular basis. We recommend following these steps twice a day so your child can grow into the healthiest smile possible: -Step 1:… Read more »

Don’t Forget Your Gums

When you think of oral hygiene, you probably think about brushing your teeth. And while maintaining your teeth is certainly important, lots of people don’t think about their gums very often. But gum disease is a very serious threat to the oral health of both adults and children alike. Here is some information about periodontal… Read more »

Flossing Through History

You know that flossing is a necessary part of an oral hygiene routine, but do you know how floss was first developed? Keep reading to learn more about the history of floss. Prehistory Archeologists have discovered that our ancient ancestors made an effort to clean between their teeth. They used small twigs as toothpicks and… Read more »

Fluoride, Fighting Tooth Decay Since 1945

Nearly 75% of public water systems in the U.S. have fluoride added to them in order to protect the dental health of those who drink this water. Though fluoride naturally occurs in earth, water, and food, we add more of it to our water supplies in order to reduce the risk for tooth decay, so… Read more »

Regular Dental Checkup and Cleaning Is Essential for Good Oral Health

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is an effective way to maintain your oral health on a daily basis. At the same time your regular dental checkup is a critical for removing tartar, early detection of tooth decay, oral cancer screening and monitoring your mouth for any other potential problems. The first stage… Read more »