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Breastfeeding is a personal decision a mother, and sometimes a doctor, makes for her baby, depending on her own health. There are many benefits to the practice – if you make the decision that it’s right for you. Today’s blog will explore some of the oral benefits of breastfeeding.

Your Baby May Develop a Better Bite

Some studies of late found that babies that breastfed, exclusively for the first six months, were less likely to have open bites, crossbites, or overbites. These common misalignment issues occurred less than those who were breastfed for less time or not at all. It still doesn’t mean that a baby wont still need orthodontic treatment in the future, however, but it can help reduce the risk.

Every child is different, and since genetics, pacifier use, and thumb-sucking factor in oral health, they could still influence the alignment of your child’s teeth. Visit the dentist before baby’s teeth have erupted, so we can monitor her or him. This way, Dr. Amirani can see whether baby teeth are coming in at the appropriate times and how the alignment is coming along.

Breastfeeding Can Continue When Baby Gets Teeth

The question of whether you should stop breastfeeding once your baby gets teeth may be asked at Sam Amirani DDS. We can recommend that you stop only when it’s right for you and your baby, not just because teeth have erupted. Breastfeeding does reduce baby bottle tooth decay, since breast milk doesn’t contain sugar, whereas formula does.

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