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A key pillar in the foundation of pediatric care for your child includes brushing their teeth properly. Caring for your child’s smile is essential, as they will not be able to properly care for it themselves. Typically, your child may not be able to brush and floss on their own until they around the age of six, so you have half a decade of care that will need to be applied to your child.

For optimal oral health care for your child’s smile, brush their teeth twice every day. Be sure to use a nonabrasive toothbrush that is age appropriate. For additional help with product selections, talk to their pediatric dentist. Use toothpaste drops that are roughly the size of a grain of rice for children under three. Before your child turns one year of age, you will need to bring them in to visit their pediatric dentist for a comprehensive oral health examination.

Due to the fact that a child’s toothbrush care is essential for their oral health, you need to make sure that you always replace their toothbrush if it is ever contaminated or has begun to wear down. Ideally, you should replace a child’s toothbrush every few months. To prevent contamination from occurring, never share your child’s toothbrush and always store it in a safe location where it does not come into contact with other objects.

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