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Are you aware that your child’s oral health can be greatly enhanced by devising a plan to protect them from common dangers that can arise? Tooth hazard prevention should be implemented into everyone’s oral health care routines, as a single accident is enough to derail your entire smile.

Monitor all objects that enter your child’s mouth, and if possible avoid chewing on inedible objects such as pens and pen caps. In addition, various foods such as corn kernels, hard candies, and ice can all easily damage their teeth if they are not careful. Furthermore, teach them to avoid opening any products with their teeth as they can easily become chipped, cracked, or even knocked out.

If your child is actively involved with contact sports or any extreme events that put their teeth at risk, you should always take the necessary steps to protect their mouth through the use of proper wearing safety gear. Ideal safety equipment options include head gear, mouth guards, face masks, or other forms of safety gear.

Protect your child’s smile so that their teeth and gums can last a lifetime. No matter which oral health care treatment your child requires, Dr. Amirani and our team at Sam Amirani DDS will make sure that their pearly whites are properly treated. To schedule an oral exam or professional cleaning at our pediatric office in Wichita, Kansas, please contact us at 3166867155. Our team is here waiting to help get your child the smile they’ve always wanted!