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Being a parent is tough work – making sure your kids’ teeth are healthy is even more difficult. Young children especially are notorious for not wanting to brush their teeth or do other things they need to in order to maintain their oral health.

One of the best ways to help kids with their oral health is to take them to see their dentist on a regular basis. But when should you bring them in? Let’s look at that and the reasoning behind it.

Bring them in early

It’s recommended that you bring your children into Sam Amirani DDS as soon as their first tooth appears or by the first birthday – whichever occurs first. Our team here has extensive knowledge with helping children get the oral care they need.

Why so early?

You’re probably wondering why to bother with bringing your kids into the dentist so early, right? It’s recommended to bring them in so early for a few reasons.

One is that by introducing them to the dentist’s office so early in life will make it seem like a normal, fun, part of life. This helps avoid the drama usually associated with a dental visit when your kids are a bit older.

It’s also important to make sure baby teeth are healthy, as well as their gums. This preventative care helps ensure their adult teeth come in as healthily as possible.

If your kids need an appointment, or you want more information, please feel free to call our team today at 3166867155. We look forward to working with you!